Future Of Video Games industry [Case Study]

in this case study, I will be talking about what will be the future of the gaming industry. Video games are getting a huge amount of popularity day by day. Since its inception, it has been a great medium of pastime. Not only that people are also engaged with gaming as a profession. Therefore, without any doubt, the future of the video industry will be far ahead with the invention of new technologies.

Future Of Video Games industry

The Future Of The Gaming Industry

Video Games industry user by device type

What We’ll See in the Future of the Video Game Industry

As seen in the reports, the gaming industry has generated 180.3 billion US dollars in 2020 which was far better than the previous year. And in that report, console gaming ranked second while PC games ranked the last. So, now let’s get to the article and discover the future of video games.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality for a decade has been a tantalising thing that every gamer desires to experience once in life. Even for some people, it has become an alternative to actual reality where they can take over their desired necessities as per their needs. Virtual Reality in gaming is one of the most sought after features that can’t be overlooked.

Although there are some issues with the high pricing and bulky headset of VR games, many giant Tech companies are trying their best to advance it with legitimate resources.

Artificial Intelligence

You probably have noticed that the characters in video games create many obstacles or provide help to complete your mission. But have you ever thought about who plays these characters? Yes, they are designed and created by artificial intelligence technology that gives life to nonliving characters.

The colourful ghost in Pac-Man, enemy aliens in the Holo 2 and the innocent people in GTA games are some of the acute examples of AI characters. Hence, we can firmly expect that in future, the industry will bring us more advanced features to take our gaming experience to next level.

Cloud Gaming

What if you could play high-end games on your low-end PC without any issue!  Isn’t it an incredible experience to look forward to? Yes, that’s possible with cloud gaming. This new technology allows you to play video games live on the servers of companies that provide cloud gaming. And this new technology makes your PC or Laptop hardware less relevant since everything goes on the cloud. The only thing you need is a good internet connection.

Another thing that will come to us with the advent of cloud gaming is the movement towards a rental could service away from owning physical media. As for the information, Google has already started its cloud gaming service, Stadia, in 2019, while Amazon’s Luna came out in 2020. Moreover, Netflix is also on its way to cloud gaming.

Mobile Gaming & 5G

With the easy accessibility and portability, mobile and tablet devices had covered an impressive portion of the video gaming industry. Since everyone uses a smartphone, the game making companies target their audience with ultra-realistic graphics and some advanced and innovative features in their games. And with the help of cross-platform accessibility, mobile gamers get the ability to pay for the same game from various devices, which allows them to access their account anywhere from any device.

And the latest 5G technology works like a magic for mobile gamers. With the 5G connection, smartphone gamers will get a huge opportunity to play online high-end games with no lag.


The metaverse is perhaps the most buzzing discussion that is rising in the gaming industry. To put it simply in words, it is a kind of parallel world where you can log in or out anytime. It is basically online cyberspace to start your second life whenever you want.

In this way, the metaverse combines virtual reality and augmented reality which is ruled by its own economy.  And here’s how the future video games will become a new world of the living.

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